Quality and Safety Policy

As RMS TECHNIC we shall establish quality and safety management system, improve it constantly and follow improving aviation standards with safe and efficient service to respond our customers’ expectations. Under this policy of ours:

  • We shall give the highest priority to flight safety at all times
  • We shall work applying the aviation human factors principles
  • We shall form reporting ways which don’t include penal sanction with quality and safety perceptiveness, and we shall support and encourage our employees to use these reporting ways in case of maintenance related errors and incidents
  • All personnel are obliged to comply with procedures, quality standards and regulations as their duties
  • All the units shall cooperate with quality auditors
  • We shall ensure that safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives
  • Good use of resources shall be ensured and we shall pay particular attention to carry out correct maintenance at the first attempt
  • All organization staff shall be trained to be aware of human factors and a continuous training programme in this field shall be set
  • We shall try our best to minimize the damage to the environment
  • We shall support the safety applications in accordance with providing human and financial sources
  • Our staff’s responsibilities shall clearly be described that are related to provide safety performance
  • We shall identify the risks which may occur during company activities and get them under control to minimize their effects and damages

All our staff are responsible for following the principles in RMS TECHNIC quality and safety policy stated herein.